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Shop from a wide selection of over 1000 RV’s. We’re carrying the tradition forward.


No one does RVs like Travelcamp! We are your premier RV dealership located across the Southeast with locations in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina. Travelcamp is your go-to place for any and all things related to recreational vehicles. Whether you are looking for motorhomes, own an RV and need RV-related services, or are interested in selling your RV, Travelcamp is here for your needs. Want to try before you buy? Travelcamp offers short-term and long-term trailer rentals so you can get a taste of what the RV life is actually like. We offer everything from RV lifestyle tipsmaintenancepartsfinancingconsignment and more!

Our friendly and experienced staff enjoy the RV lifestyle firsthand, and we are more than passionate about providing the highest level of customer service possible. You can expect professional, fast, and sincere service to assure your expectations are surpassed!

Travelcamp is a full-service RV dealer that you can depend on. We offer industry leading prices and often send our best deals to our subscribers. We can ensure you have the perfect new or used RV for your next vacation.

Are you into adventure, extremes, and thrilling activities? Toy haulers are perfect for bringing your ATVs, letting you hit the road in comfort while bringing some extra fun for your next adventure.

Rest assured that your choice RV dealer, Travelcamp, will help you with your vision to make more memories with your family. Explore new places never seen before, while bringing your home on the road. Adventure awaits on the road and Travelcamp can help you make the best choice for your needs.

Our mobile RV technicians at, and our warranty, tire and wheel, roadside and insurance team at, you can reset assured that we know how to protect your fun. We can outfit you with the newest and best outdoor RV gear and accessories that increase power capacity, storage, cargo, lighting, and much more.

At Travelcamp, we believe the world is a beautiful place, and we hope to help more people and more families see it. In our corporate office, we proudly display a large sign that says:

“Helping more families make more great memories.”

If our vision is in line with yours, or if you’re simply ready to get back on the road where you belong, please reach out to us today. You can use the chat icon in the bottom of your screen to get in touch with a real representative today. We do not use bots, and you can always submit your request through our contact page. You can also directly call one of our store locations.